Word of the Day: Mande

An image of the Word of the Day: Mande, with the word Mande, its definition, and how to use it in Mexican Spanish.

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1. What It Means

In Mexico, “Mande” is an interjection that is used to ask someone to repeat or clarify what they said. It can be translated to English as “Pardon me?” or “Excuse me?”. It is a polite way of indicating that you didn’t understand what the other person said and need them to repeat it.

2. Mande in Context

Minh: “¿Me podrías pasar la sal, por favor?” (Could you pass me the salt, please?)

Juan: “Mande?” (Pardon me?)

Minh: “Que si me podrías pasar la sal, por favor.” (I asked if you could pass me the salt, please.)


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