Word of the Day: Bloquinho

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1. What It Means

It is a diminutive form of “bloco”, which means “block” or “group”. A “bloquinho” is a small block party or street parade, usually organized by friends, family members or neighbors in smaller communities.

“Bloquinhos” have become increasingly popular in recent years, particularly in cities like Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, where they offer an alternative to the larger and more crowded Carnival celebrations.

2. Bloquinho in Context

Vamos nos encontrar no bloquinho da Lapa no sábado à tarde. O bloquinho da Lapa é um dos mais animados do Rio de Janeiro durante o carnaval.

Let’s meet up at the Lapa street carnival on Saturday afternoon, The Lapa street carnival is one of the liveliest during Carnival in Rio de Janeiro


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