Minh Cuong’s resources

Portuguese resources

Learn Portuguese with a Great TV

Minh Cuong’s resources

Portuguese resources

Amor exsite resiste

Insta, webs to learn Portuguese

To improve your listening skills and pronunciation by watching YouTube videos containing new words you want to learn.

He makes a lot of educational videos with humor, you can remix these by practicing speaking in the video.

From beginner to intermediate.

Music, podcasts

● For learning Portuguese

This show is for intermediate speakers, presented by Leni. Learn Brazilian Portuguese with current topics about the Brazilian language and culture.

Practice European Portuguese by engaging with interesting and authentic content, this one is for all levels.

● Native Portuguese content

Café Brasil deals with Brazilian behavior, citizenship, politics and culture, in weekly editions

A casual conversation podcast with people who are not from here or there. They talk about adaptation, experiences and personal stories, local culture, difficulties, and you will laugh a lot, for sure.

My Portuguese playlist

Portuguese YouTube

● For learning Portuguese

Videos are on tips, grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation of Brazilian Portuguese. All videos have subtitles in English and Portuguese to help non-native speakers understand.

Learn European Portuguese by watching my videos that cover a variety of topics such as Portuguese culture and history, language learning techniques, self-improvement, and more.

Easy Portuguese is part of the global project Easy Languages. This team is from Brazil, my favorite country.

● Native Portuguese content

Get news in Brasil.

My favorite Brazilian vlogger, she shares about her life, cat and vegetarian .

This is the channel where she will talk about Spirituality, Expanding Consciousness, Meditation, from around the world and Documentaries.

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