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1. What It Means

“Vabbè” is actually a contracted and informal version of the phrase “va bene” (which means “okay” or “all right” in English) commonly used in spoken Italian. The contraction of “va bene” to “vabbè” is a typical feature of colloquial language, and it’s widely used in daily conversations among native speakers.

2. Vabbè in Context

Vabbè can have different meanings depending on the context. Here are some possible translations and examples:

  1. “Okay”, “alright”, “fine”
  • Minh: Scusa per il ritardo.(Sorry for being late.)
  • Sara: Vabbè, non fa niente. (Okay, it’s no problem.)
  1. “Come on”, “let’s go”, “let’s get started”
  • Minh: Hai finito di prepararti? (Are you done getting ready?)
  • Sara: Vabbè, andiamo!(Come on, let’s go!)
  1. “Whatever”, “who cares”
  • Minh: Penso che dovremmo scegliere un ristorante diverso. (I think we should choose a different restaurant.)
  • Sara: Vabbè, scegli tu. (Whatever, you choose.)

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