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Oh là là, this is the coolest thing since sliced bread! With French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian words all in one place, you’ll be the polyglot of the town in no time.

Say adiós to boring vocabulary lists and ciao to fun and interactive learning. With your page, you’ll have a bella time discovering new words every day and impressing your friends with your multilingual skills.

A wall of words with different one in many languages
Image of the French words "Copain" and "Copine" with their definition and pronunciation guide.
Word of the Day: Copain & Copine
1. What It Means In French, “Copain” is a masculine noun that means “close friend”...
Image of the Word of the Day: Vabbè, showing the definition and pronunciation of the word.
Word of the Day: Vabbè
1. What It Means “Vabbè” is actually a contracted and informal version of the phrase “va...
An image displaying the word "Tennis" with information about its origin and pronunciation.
Word of the Day: Tennis
Tennis Tenez 1. What is the origin of the word Tennis? The word “tennis” has a fascinating...
An image of the Word of the Day: Mande, with the word Mande, its definition, and how to use it in Mexican Spanish.
Word of the Day: Mande
1. What It Means In Mexico, “Mande” is an interjection that is used to ask someone to repeat...
An image of the Word of the Day: Bloquinho, with the word Bloquinho, its definition, and how to use it in Brazilian Portuguese.
Word of the Day: Bloquinho
1. What It Means It is a diminutive form of “bloco”, which means “block” or “group”....

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