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Spanish resources

Learn Spanish with a Great TV

Minh Cuong’s resources

Spanish resources

The most beautiful word in Spanish is Apapachar

Website for learning Spanish

To improve your listening skills and pronunciation by watching YouTube videos containing new words you want to learn.

Spanish exercises for foreigners: vocabulary, grammar, listening exercises

On this site you will find many Spanish lessons, whether grammar sheets, vocabulary, useful expressions and phrases, exercises. This is my favorite one.

This website provides you every lesson, for all level.

Music and podcast

● For learning Spanish

This podcast uses easy to understand and engaging content in Spanish for intermediate students.

Learn Spanish with everyday conversation

● Native Spanish content

Lots of topics about social issues, lessons we’ve learned, how to have a better future.

This one is absolutely for advance learner.

My Spanish playlist

Spanish YouTube

● For learning Spanish

What a YouTuber muy interessante. She makes mainly video on entomology of Spanish and other languages.

They actually consist of 2 teams, one in Barcelona and the other in Mexico. Los amo!

She is a Spanish living in Korean, she’s fun, her video is perfect for beginner.

● Native Spanish content

For Spanish YouTuber, I recommend this channel, she shares the tips, daily life of learning things. She also speaks French and English at high level.

Explore science and culture, for the pleasure of learning with beautifully illustrated videos


Get news in Spanish, they made also quite a lot of video about the Spanish language.

She is a Korean living in Mexico, She does funny video about a foreigner in a Spanish-speaking country. Have fun!

If you’re interested in business, this game shows is perfect for you.

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Charles V, Holy Roman Emperor

 “I speak Spanish to God, Italian to women, French to men, and German to my horse”

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