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Minh Cuong’s resources

French resources

Citation for learning French by romance languages passion

Website for learning French

To improve your listening skills and pronunciation by watching YouTube videos containing new words you want to learn.

TV5Monde is a French international television network offering news, entertainment, and resources for French language learners. It provides a way for learners to immerse themselves in the French language and culture.

I recommend  Lingolia Français. It offers interactive exercises, vocabulary lists and authentic French texts, making it a great resource for all levels. The personalized learning approach and user-friendly interface make it easy to achieve your goals.

The website has a variety of tools such as grammar and vocabulary exercises, audio exercises and conversation practice to all levels of learning.

Music, podcasts

● For learning French

For those at beginner and intermediate levels of French.

French culture daily topics, they’re a lovely team, I recommend you 100%

● Native French content

Politics, international news, society, economy, culture in France

My favorite podcast for the advanced level. This podcast covers social issues, lifestyle, psychology, family, education, health, etc.

My French playlist

French YouTube

● For learning French

Salut! Salut! I highly recommend checking out French Mornings with Elisa on YouTube for anyone looking to learn French. She’s my favorite YouTuber, the channel covers a wide range of topics from basic grammar to advanced concepts, literature and culture.

This channel has more than 1.6 millions subscriber, French Authentique is a YouTube channel that focuses on teaching authentic French language and culture

Easy French is part of the global project Easy Languages. It’s my cup of tea also . They interview people in the streets of Paris and other places of the French-speaking world.

● Native French content

It is a comedy channel that features a variety of vlogs, and other comedic videos in French.The channel is great for intermediate and advanced learners who are looking for a fun and engaging way to practice their French listening and comprehension skills.

Cyprien is also a great resource for anyone looking to improve their French language skills in a fun and entertaining way.

INA Culte is often used in excerpts, broadcasts, memorable moments in the history of French television for 40 years. It’s so fun, this channel.

Jamy Gourmaud is back on YouTube with a new show called “Epicurieux” that explores science, history, geography, and the environment, while also focusing on the human aspect through the exploration of places and professions in France.

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