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Italian resources

Learn Italian with a Great TV

Minh Cuong’s resources

Italian resources

A quote about Italian resources

Insta, web to learn Italian

To improve your listening skills and pronunciation by watching YouTube videos containing new words you want to learn.

An Instagram account for beginner in Italian

Another Instagram for level intermediate

Fun animated video with Italian subtitles. Strongly recommended

Music, podcasts

● For learning Italian

A 5 starts podcast, I adore this podcast to learn Italian. This podcast is for beginner and intermediate learner

A podcast about the culture, literature and language of Italian, it’s suitable for beginner and intermediate level. She has a stunning voice, I love it.

The best podcast to learn Italian with a lot of topics, these episodes are divided into different level, adapt you.

If you want to deepen your knowledge of Italian and European history while listening to an expert who speaks clearly and engagingly, I recommend following Alessandro Barbero‘s podcast


● Native Italian content

A podcast wants to be a place for sharing everything related to body, mind and spirit.

This podcast covers lifestyle, yoga, and personal growth.

My Italian playlist

Italian YouTube

● For learning Italian

She makes vlogs in Italian, and also you can find videos on grammars, vocabularies, books recommendation to improve your Italian.

A podcast for everyone who wants to learn Italian from beginner to advanced level.

Easy Itaian is part of the global project Easy Languages. It’s my cup of tea also. They interview people in the streets in Milan and other places in Italy.

● Native Italian content

It is a comedy channel of a group friend who share about the Italian culture from the north to south.

Here you can find social commentary, interviews, investigative reports, jokes and interesting insights into Italian culture. And the best advantage of this channel is that all videos have subtitles in Italian. È molto utile, vero?

On his YouTube channel, you’ll find interesting and entertaining videos about Italian and European history, culture, and language.

Get news in Italy

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