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As a language lover and international trade marketer, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience in learning romance languages with others.

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SMS in Portuguese: All the essential abbreviations you need to know

Portuguese abbreviations that we need to learn

👋 Oi, Tudo bem? Are you ready to learn some cool and useful Portuguese abbreviations ? Knowing these popular words will help you to better understand and communicate with native speakers, not to mention sound like a total boss in your conversations. Whether you’re planning a trip to Brazil or just want to impress your Brazilian friends, this post is a must-read. So let’s get started and dive into the world of Portuguese slang! Vamos-là!

1. Abs (Abracos)– Hugs

Ex: Abs pra você! Hugs to you!


2. Bjs (Beijos) – Kisses

Ex: Bjs, meu amor! Kisses, my love!


3. Blz (Beleza) – Okay/Alright (used as a greeting)

Ex: E aí? Td Blz? So? Everything is ok?


4. Cmg (Comigo) – With me

Ex: Vem cmg! Come with me!


5. Ctg (Contigo) – With you

Ex: Eu quero estar ctg. I want to be with you


6. Ctz (Certeza) – Sure

Ex: Ctz que eu vou! Sure, I’m definitely going!


7. Gnt (Gente) – People

Ex: Oi gnt, tudo bem? Hi people, how are you?


8. Vc (Você) – You

Ex: Vc esta bem? Are you okay ?


9. Glr (Galera) – Pepople/guys are used in informal context

Ex: Vou sair com a glr hoje a noite. I’m going out with the guys tonight.


10. N ( Não) – No/Not

Ex: N, não quero ir. No, I don’t want to go

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11. Mds (Meu Deus) – Oh my God!

Ex: Mds, não acredito que isso aconteceu! Oh my God, I can’t believe this happened!


12. Msg (Mensagem) – Message

Ex: Recebi sua msg. I received your message


13. Mto (Muito) – Very/Much

Ex: Estou mto feliz. I’m very happy


14. Ngm (Ninguem) – Nobody/No one

Ex: Ngm pode fazer isso por mim. Nobody can do this for me


15. Obg (Obrigado/Obrigada) – Thank you

Ex: Obg pela ajuda. Thank you for your help!


16. Pfv (Por favor) – Please

Ex: Pfv, pode me passar o sal? Please, can you pass me the salt?


17. Pq (Porque) – Because

Ex:  Não vou sair pq esta chovendo. I’m not going out because it’s raining


18. Qdo (Quando) – When

Ex: Qdo voce vai chegar? When are you going to arrive?


19. Rsrsrsrs (Risos) – Laugh/Laughing out loud

kkkkkk is another commonly used way of expressing laughter, similar to “LOL” in English. The “k” is used because it sounds like the Portuguese word “risada”, which means “laughter”.

Ex: Essa piada e mto engraçada, rsrsrsrs. This joke is very funny, LOL


20. Sdd (Saudade) – Missing/Miss

Ex: Estou com sdd de você. I miss you

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21. Tbm (Tambem) – Also/Too

Ex: Eu tbm gosto de praia. I also like the beach


22. Dps (Depois) – Later

Ex: Vamos conversar dps.  Let’s talk later


23. Hj (Hoje) – Today

Ex: Hoje eu tenho um compromisso. Today I have an appointment


24. Vlw (Valeu) – Thanks

Ex: Vlw pela ajuda. Thanks for your help


25. Nd (Nada) – Nothing

Ex:  Não  tem nd de errado. There’s nothing wrong


26. Neh (Né) – Right?

Ex: Foi mto divertido, neh?. It was very fun, right?


27. Td (Tudo) – Everything

Ex: Esta td bem?. Is everything okay?


28. Vdd (Verdade) – True/Truth

Ex: Acho que isso e vdd. I think this is true


29. Zapzap or Whats- Whatsapp 

This word, which is not an abbreviation, is a slang term used on the internet. Brazilians have difficulty pronouncing the word “WhatsApp”, so they came up with the informal nickname “zapzap” or “Whats” muito legal, gente ? By the way, Zapzap is a popular messaging app in Brazil

Ex: Vamos conversar no zapzap. Let’s chat on Whatsapp


30. Eh (é) – Is

Ex: Eu gosto de praia, eh mto bonita. I like the beach, it’s very beautiful

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31. TMJ (Tamo Junto) – We’re together

It is an informal slang phrase commonly used in Brazil, primarily among young people. It is often used to express solidarity, support, or a sense of camaraderie with someone. It signifies that you have someone’s back or that you are there for them no matter what.

Ex: Person A: Estou passando por um momento difícil. (I’m going through a tough time.)

Person B: Não se preocupe, TMJ! ( Don’t worry, we’re together!)


32. (Tá) Está – It is

Ex: Tá tudo bem? Is everything okay?


33. Tô (Estou)I am

Ex: Tô com fome. I’m hungry


34. Tamos (Estamos) – We are

Ex: Tamos juntos nessa. We are together in this


35. Tao (Estao) – They are

Ex: Tao animados para a festa. They are excited about the party


36. Tava (Estava) – Was

Ex: Tava chovendo muito ontem. It was raining a lot yesterday


37. Estavam (Tavam) – Were

Ex: Eles estavam felizes naquele dia. They were happy on that day


Alrighty, that’s a wrap amigos! We hope you enjoyed learning about these essential Portuguese abbreviations. By adding these to your vocabulary, you’ll be able to communicate more effectively with native speakers, and sound like a true Brazilian.

Remember, slang is an important part of any language, and mastering it will take you one step closer to fluency. So keep practicing and impress your friends with your newfound Portuguese skills. Até mais! 

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Photo profile_Minh Cuong Doan

Minh Cuong DOAN

As a language lover and international trade marketer, my goal is to share my knowledge and experience in learning romance languages with others.

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